Should guest WiFi be a part of my network?

Offering guest wireless is fairly standard of a number of businesses, but did you know it can actually help to protect your business. By having a second or even third wireless network creates a number of security options that can help protect your business.

By having an additional wireless network within your business you can:

  • Separate the guest and employee networks –┬áBy doing this you can ensure that you’re business network remains safe and protected, whilst still allowing your guests access to the internet. It also means you don’t have to share passwords with any of your guests.
  • Protect against malware – If one of your clients becomes a victim of of a malware or identity theft attack, you can be sure that your business critical data remains safe and secure on your separate network.
  • Control network usage – Guest WiFi networks allows you to limit the amount of resources available to visitors. Rather than allowing them full priority bandwidth your guest network can run at reasonable speed that keeps your customers happy whilst not affecting your network performance.

However when providing free internet, nothing is more important that safety. Lax security can be very dangerous for not just your customers but your business too. When installing your guest WiFi network you need to consider:

  • Mobile device security– Most of the guests using your public network will be doing so on mobile devices. With mobile devices comes mobile apps, which may not be covered by your security measures.
  • Appropriate network use – Some people may try to use your guest WiFi for illegal activities. You must ensure an acceptable user policy is enforced. Remember it’s your business that’s liable for any criminal activity detected on your network.
  • Up-to-date security measures – An outdated security system makes your business much more susceptible to cyber attacks. Ensure updates are checked and administered often to keep your network protected.

Taking into account the above security measures can allow you to deploy a successful, safe, secure guest network.

Once you’ve got your guest WiFi up and running, you can then offer your customers a unique experience they can’t get elsewhere. With the ability to distribute exclusive content and provide exclusive offers, you can really get your brands message across.

Thinking about installing a guest network for your business, talk to us today. We can help you put together a solution that keeps your business protected and your clients happy.

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