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Internet Access

Leased Line Services

FreeClix provides both Fibre and Wireless based leased lines. National carrier Ethernet services allow FreeClix to connect any UK location at speeds from 10mb to 10Gb service.

Around Norfolk, FreeClix also operate its own Wireless network for access direct to the internet, or our Norwich based co-Location facility, at speeds from 2mb to 100mb.

Call now and let us know your location so that we can determine coverage availability and speeds for you.

Satellite Services

FreeClix can provide UK wide Satellite broadband services for both home users and businesses with upto 10Mb downstream and 2Mb upstream services. If you are outside of FreeClix’s wireless network and unable to recieve good broadband then Satellite is the fastest option available. We are able to provide reliable temporary, mobile and fixed satellite systems.

Broadband Services

FreeClix provides up to 24mb ADSL from BT upgraded exchanges or SDSL wireless Leased Lines from our own network offering 2mb up to Gigabit Ethernet.

ADSL gives users a higher downloading speed and a lower uploading speed. If you are going to spend more time downloading than uploading, ADSL would be a good choice for home or light internet users.

SDSL has the same upstream and downstream capacity to carry data in both directions. This is beneficial for businesses that have remote sites or users downloading data from their office. The upload capacity is critical for many applications to work, including VoIP, Virtual Private networks and hosted services.

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