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logo ipcortex Telephone SystemsFreeclix have partnered with IPCortex to deliver state of the art IP telephony solutions. Our Voice over IP PBX features provides solutions for SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) through to large and Multi-tenant offices.  Working together with IPCortex we are developing new and innovate ways of interacting with voice and data.


VoIPCortex 1U 200x64 Telephone Systems

  • Compatible with upto 8 ISDN 30 Trunks, 8 ISDN2E Trunks and upto 120 SIP/IAX Trunks
  • Internal and inter-office calls are free with suitable connectivity.
  • Increased reliability. The IPCortex IP PBX is a proven, tested appliance offering greater resilience through high availability and multiple call routing options that remove any single point of failure.
  • Remote/home working where users can operate as though within the office – making and receiving calls, accessing voicemail, fax and more. Using a Handset or Softphone.
  • Mobile twinning. Stay connected while on the road.
  • Keep implementation costs low by utilising existing network infrastructure (PoE + VLAN Capable Switches preferred)
  • Comprehensive auto provisioning platform and intuitive web based interface to streamline system configuration.
  • No license based limitations – reducing costs and increasing freedom.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of handsets for different applications, environments and budgets.
  • Flexible call recording, with up to 4000 hours of storage. (Pro + MultiTenant Unit Only)
  • Unified communications functionality, including softfax and voicemail to email, video calling, presence and instant messaging server. Also includes enhanced call management and monitoring functionality from any web browser with no installation required via the Open Communications Manager.
  • Multi site scalability. VoIPCortex units can be linked together with SIP trunks and phonebook sharing is available with suitable network connectivity – no additional hardware or licences required.

Use almost any SIP Handset

Complete your system with handsets selected to suit your individual requirements. Choose any open SIP handset or opt for something from the extensive list of devices that make up the VoIPCortex Approved Component programme. These handsets auto provision on the IPCortex IP PBX, radically simplifying implementation – and with over 70 devices available there are options available to fit a wide range of functionality and budgetary requirements.

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